Many people head into the woods to hunt, to camp or to just feel the raw beauty of nature. But just when you are in the middle of enjoying the sweet scent of the woods and having a great time – accidents can happen anytime. If you are caught with an injury in the middle of your wilderness adventure, here are some guidelines and quick tips you need to know.

Animal Bites

In the wild there are a ferocious animals that can bite anyone who intrudes their property. If you are bitten by any kind of wild animal the first thing to do is wash the infected area with clean water and soap (a germicidal soap is best) as soon as you can. Scrub the wounded area just a little. After doing so, cover the wound with a clean bandage. When you head home, be sure to see your doctor to check on the wound. He may prescribe antibiotics or a tetanus booster depending on the animal bite.

Insect Stings Almost all kinds of insects breed in the woods.

When you feel an insect sting, remove any of the insect’s remains on the affected skin. Leave the place where you got the insect sting because chances are there are a lot of insects that would bite you if you stayed there any longer. If stingers are still lodged deep in your skin, remove them by using a thin and hard material (like a credit card or your fingernail) and scrape out the foreign body. Remove jewelry, like rings, if you’re fingers are affected. Tight jewelry can hinder the flow of your blood. To ease the pain, you can rub a salt and water solution or a baking soda paste on the affected area.

Ankle Fracture Trekking can cause ankle fractures.

If this happens, keep your ankles elevated and try not to move it. This can help minimize the pain and the swelling. If you have cold packs in your luggage, apply them to the injured area.

Head Injury If you acquire head bumps, apply ice packs if they are readily available.

If not, you can use ice wrapped in cloth or if you have some frozen items in your backpack you can use them as a replacement for ice. You can also make your own ice pack by mixing 1/3 cup of isopropyl alcohol and 2/3-cup water in a zip lock bag.

The best way to stay safe and avoid injury is to make sure your in tip top physical shape. You might want to consider a treadmill for home to achieve this.

When going into the wilderness, always remember to take along a first aid kit. This can prove to be very important if accidents and injuries happen in the middle of your trip.